The skyline of Real Estate Property Agents Delhi has changed with high rise apartments dotting the landscape. The uprising trend started three years ago and has seen various buildings that came up in the recent past. Even though the price of a flat has gone up from Rs 28 lakh last January to almost double now, the apartments are all sold out.
This is not surprising because this is a clear indication for a city to gain pace towards development. The property prices will rise even more along with the demand.
Property Boom
Almost every intersection in the town-turned-city has signs announcing the construction of a new high-rise. NCR Property agents are confident the trend will continue.
After Delhi, NCR gurgaon and noida are growing with same speed, there has been a sudden increase in the population of people seeking a home in the city. There is limited open space and apartments seem to be the immediate answer. With more and more people moving to the new state capital, there is no denying that the city’s once colonial character has been changed forever.
“They house more people within limited space and they are ideal from a safety point of view,” said InvestInnest, Property Agent.
“There are a lot of checks on the builders and developers coming to Real Estate Property Agents Delhi. Their design standards have to conform to Indian standards and our Indian standards are as refined as anywhere else in the world. On the structural safety account we don’t see any problem.


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