Ready to move homes

Buying a home may prove as a turning point in one’s life. The days are gone when one was going to buy a piece of land and getting the home constructed as there are developers in the market who offer a ready to move home. However, it is always a question in one’s mind if the same can prove a viable option or one needs to rely on the conventional way of getting home. Well, in such case one needs to check the benefits as well as the limitations and come to a conclusion.

The benefits: There are ample benefits associated with ready to move option of home. Some of them are listed here.

  • The look and features: One can check the exterior as well as the interior look of the home in case of a ready to move home and decide if he wants to go for the same or not. In other option of getting home, this feature cannot be availed.
  • The amenities: If one goes for a huge scheme or a township, there can be ample amenities which he can enjoy. In the individual home, it may prove a costly affair to get such amenities.
  • The cost: Usually it is seen that the cost of the self-made home can be lower than that of the ready to move home. However, it again depends on many other factors as well.
  • Ease of getting home: In case of ready to move home, one can get the home which he can start using immediately which is not possible in the self-made a home. Here one has to deal with a number of people and service providers which can prove a big headache.
  • The design: In the ready to move home, the builders can afford to keep the best designer who can offer excellent design while in the case of the individual making of home this may not be possible due to budgetary constraints.
  • Quality of work: In the individual home, one can keep a watch on the quality of the work which may not be possible in the case of ready to move home. However, many of the developers try to offer the best quality home only, but if there is a compromise in quality also, one can hardly know about it.

The limitations: As the ready to move home has got benefits; surely it has a few limitations as well. Here are some limitations also noted.

  • Area: The area of the home cannot be chosen by the buyer in the case of ready to move home which is very much possible in the self-made a home. Even in case of a township also one can do nothing for the area where the township is situated.
  • Budget: In the ready to move home one can have fixed budget while in case of the self-made home the budget can be changed as per the requirement of the individual.

One can decide what will be a better option for him considering the above benefits and limitations.


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