Positioned on the Coromandel Coast by the side of the Bay of Bengal, Chennai real estate, the capital of Tamil Nadu, boasts of affluent birthright properties and business resources. Copious developed for the duration of the British rule, Chennai property is an increased conurbation of India real estate properties. This city was in historic time ruled by the south Indian dynasties akin to Cholas, Pallavas, Pandyas and Vijayanagar. The Vijayanagar territory was thrived into a huge territory and the art and architecture of the Empire are excellent conceptions.Chennai property is the fifth most crowded city in India property and fourth most crowded metropolitan. By way of the manifestation of Multi National Companies in India, Chennai’s economy these days has wide base in car, technology, computer, healthcare industries and hardware manufacturing. The metropolis is actually India’s second biggest exporter of software and has sourced a growing first choice of the metropolis as a large business centre by principal international companies, who have invested massively in the economy.

The Chennai real estate market has seen a boom of approximately 200 % in the most recent few years but by means of the international slump in the property industry, Chennai property has slowed down. The housing property prices in Chennai have grown-up by leaps and bounds turning it tricky for buyers to acquire a residence in the city. Natives are pending the market to steady additional despite recent improvements. This has reasoned a 90% go down in stipulate for residential plans since the start of the year.

The commercial area is not being secure either having observed a 15% drop along with media details. The IT MNC’s largely force the requirement for Chennai properties but thanks to the existing recession, a lot of companies have deferred their expansion plans. Specialists yet foresee that the bazaar will bounce back.


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