Bangalore has been the apple in the eye of the IT industry in India. Since the very beginning of the IT boom, a few decades ago, Bangalore has soared sky high with its excellent special economic zones and the settlement of the leading MNCs in the IT hubs. The presence of almost every MNC in this city makes it the best city in the entire subcontinent to find a job and start a great career. One of the best locations where the IT professionals seek a real estate property and settle down is Whitefield.

Whitefield: The frontier of Bangalore

This is a prime location in the eastern part of the city where you will find remarkable IT parks, commercial buildings, entertainment centers, private business areas, eclectic hotels and so many things to describe.

The areas surrounding Whitefield are Kapugodi, Varthurm, Brookfield, Hoodi, etc. Imagine how advanced this location is in terms of the residential settlement and professional bliss. Due to the vicinity of workplace and availability of all the necessary facilities, a modern family always chooses Whitefield to be the ideal location in the Eastern part of Bangalore to find a Property in Whitefield and settle down. The excellent connectivity via the exit points and arterial roads such as Whitefield Road, HAL Old Airport Road, State Highway 35, etc make it possible to connect with the rest of the city easily. Beside the elegant road network, the railway station in Whitefield and the public bus service also cater to the cause.

List of properties in Whitefield

Whitefield is adorned with excellent residential properties to find. You will discover eclectic properties from, spacious apartments to palatial villas. This is the place where you will find people from all economic level residing and enjoying the taste of a modern lifestyle.

The promising properties in Whitefield come from the house of Shriram Blue, Godrej Air, Prestige Lakeside Habitat, Ruchira Iris, Vaswani Exquisite, etc. These prime options offer a remarkable platform to the modern families to find the home of their dreams and invest their hard earned money.

The other projects that are creating a spur at the moment are Prestige Ozone for its villas that come at an unbelievable price and excellent amenities, Brigade Cosmopolis for its elegant luxury apartments, etc.

Why choose Whitefield?

The hard working professionals deserve the best things in their life. A Property in Whitefield is the prime accomplishment that can bring a great fortune ahead to the family. The investment done using your life-savings will be done a great justice once you choose Whitefield as the ideal location to own a home.

This location has already developed and is currently going through the next phase of transformation. The elegant plan of the city planners, myriads of metropolitan amenities, excellent connectivity and the proximity of the IT hubs make this location the prime choice for a family. The IT professionals will be able to enjoy the best opportunities for the rest of their lives. From easy commuting to a grand lifestyle, the properties in Whitefield offer everything one needs to live in peace.


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