The current accident at a Delhi metro buildings site had led down an accidental spate of articles and debates in media, weather it is print media or electronic media. It highlighted that while we have gone ahead constructing flyovers and sea links, the basic problem of roads drainage water supply, electricity, has remain constant.

If we talk about future plans and amendments of Delhi –we find a master plan in which –the implementation rests upon expectation.

The primary master plan – the Delhi master plan 2021 links had virtually no correlation with the realty progressed work that took place. Means that previous land could be developed, it had to be acquired, this did not get existence due to the paper work, the document says. If the plane is implemented, we will find a great lacuna still left, begging addressed. For exp- the planned drying of Delhi master plane 2011 provide for a reputation for 230 lakhs of 153 lakhs are to be accommodated throw redevelopment of the resent residential field.

This re-development in our word, would take the part of people pooling in their housing fields to develop multistory housing complex.


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