Keep These Documents Ready if You Want to Buy a Home

Buying a home is a process that every home seeker wants to know and pass through. From a search of the right property to finally signing of the documents and getting possession, it takes a lot of time, and one has to take various steps at each stage of the process.

One needs to set his budget and search a property that fits the budget, choice, and requirement. However, here if one gets the property, just payment of money does not end the process. One needs to know that the seller has legal rights and possession of the concerned property so that as a buyer he can have the lawful right for the same. Before making the payment one needs to check a number of documents from the seller and see that all the papers are in order as it is a real estate matter which is considered a tricky one and hence one has to be extra alert. Though the best option is to hire an efficient and experienced lawyer, one also needs to know about the required papers and check them.

Hence at the time of purchase of a property, one must know all the documents that he needs to check. If one does not know them, here is the list that can help:

  • Sale Deed: This is the main document where the name of the seller has to be there which shows that the property belongs to him.
  • Khata Certificate: It is a certificate where one can know the name of the current owner of the property.
  • Tax receipt: Majority of the properties are under one or other authorities, and the owner has to pay tax for the same. The tax receipt also bears the name of the current owner which works as a proof of ownership as well. One must see that the latest tax is also paid before buying the property.
  • Bank Loan Statement: If there is any loan on the bank, the buyer must check the loan statement from the bank which can show the name of the borrower and outstanding amount.
  • Encumbrance certificate from the date of buying property.
  • Sale deed or agreement for construction which must be in favor of the owner ( Seller).
  • The last bill of electricity: Here one must check that the same bears the name of the seller and it is paid.
  • Certificate of NOC from the concerned society of apartment.
  • Valid plan of the building which must be sanctioned.
  • Title documents of all the landowners (in a series so that any litigation can be avoided in future)
  • In case of a land development agreement between the owner and builder, the copy of the agreement must be checked.
  • Personal documents of the landowner.
  • Extract of 7/12
  • Copy of share certificate of the concerned society.

These are some of the common documents one must check. In the case of copies of the documents one also needs to check the original so that the verification of the same can be done.


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