Getting Things Done: Your Time Management Mantra


Getting things done is actually the simplest yet the toughest thing to do, in the pursuit of doing a work. You may have spent hours on planning it and they might have even chalked out the most suitable timetable for doing something perfectly and on time, but it is often the case that you find the final step of getting done with the work, the most difficult.

How to manage to get things done

How to help oneself out of this situation? The simplest answer would be to just get it done with your eyes closed. If you have to get anything done, do not think about it much, simply get it done. Here are some tips that would help you get done with your work at the earliest and show how it also acts as a great time-saver.

  • Deconstructing your Problems: Yes this is the most basic step to be taken in order to do any work. Break down or deconstruct your problem into smaller pieces. Larger problems appear to be more complex than they actually are. Larger problems when broken down into smaller bits are easier to solve. Disentangle the parts of the problem and try looking at them separately. This makes the work much easier and a lot of time is also saved that way.
  • Choosing the Difficult over the Easy ones at first: Though this goes quite contrary to what we have always been taught to do, that being solving the easy ones first, this process is also helpful in getting done with a work. The difficult parts of your work, which you will quite obviously tend to avoid, are the ones that should be done away with at the beginning. If that is left to be paid attention to later, after you have solved the easy part, the work will never be completed in time. This is because when you come to the difficult part later, your attention and effort level will already have gone down than what you had begun with. So with limited enthusiasm, the difficult will seem to be even more difficult. So it is wise to pay attention to the difficult part first and then to move to the easy one.

Arrange for help, if needed to get things done

It might be the case that it is an important and difficult task which is even more difficult to be completed by you alone. That is when you should absolutely ask for the help required. It is always a wise decision to involve a few other people and take their help to get a certain work done rather than wasting time on it by yourself and not being able to complete the work on time.

Congratulating yourself on completing a task is important

We all like being applauded and congratulated for anything that we do. It is very important to pat yourself on the back for any task that you complete. This motivates you from within and fills you with a positive energy that makes you look forward to the next challenge.

It is absolutely paramount to set the mind fixed on something and then have the required strength, resilience, mindset and persistence to get it done in the best possible way.


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