A city in Tamil Nadu on the Bay of Bengal is shining by the name of Chennai in its earlier times famous as Madras is in the midst of the most beautiful cities in India with its inspirational intellectual inheritance and shrine structural design. Sited in a state with many brooks and rivers and by way of a lot of population of 6.9 million, Chennai Prperty is abstractedly positioned from the national capital Delhi and has been a chief and one of the four metropolitan cities since the historical times.Chennai property is the fifth most crowded metropolis in Indian Real Estate and fourth most populous metropolitan. In the midst of the materialization of Multi National Companies in Properties in India, Chennai’s financial system at the moment has broad base in technology, hardware manufacturing, car, computer and healthcare industries. The city is indeed India’s second chief exporter of software and has caused a growing first choice of the city as a trade centre by most important international companies, who have invested massively in the financial system.

The Chennai Real Estate Market has seen an intensification of almost 200 % in the last few years but among the universal slump in the property industry, Chennai real estate has slowed down. The residential real estate prices in Chennai have grown by leaps and bounds making it difficult for buyers to buy a home in the city.


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