Chandigarh property acknowledged globally for its structural design and tangible scheduling, real estate’s the foremost premeditated township of India real estate. The real estate in Chandigarh is residence to a range of architectural schemes of Le Corbusier, Matthew Nowicki, Pierre Jeanneret and Albert Mayer. The township peaks the directory of Indian States and Union terrains with the very best per capita income in the country at Rs. 99,262 at current costs and Rs.70,361 at steady prices (2006-2007).When the detachment of British India was being detained into the two states of India properties and Pakistan in 1947, the county of Punjab was conjointly split between India and Pakistan. The Indian state of Punjab desired an innovative capital city to reset Lahore property that turned into part of Pakistan during the division. Some time ago a lot of plans to generate embellishments to obtainable cities were establish to be infeasible for a range of motives, the alternative to erect a innovative and designed city named Chandigarh was commenced.

Of all the fresh city plans in self-governing India real estate, the Chandigarh properties project rapidly supposed major implication, as a effect of municipality’s tactical locality of chandigarh real estate together with the private interest of Jawaharlal Nehru, the foremost Prime Minister of freelance India. Custom-built by Nehru to reproduce the innovative country’s recent, developing position, Nehru legendary announced Chandigarh to be “tolerant by the customs of the historic, a picture of the state’s belief in the prospect.” a number of constructions and explains in Chandigarh properties were planned by the French designer and material conspirator, Le Corbusier, in the 1950s.


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