Whenever we think about good IT jobs, the first place that comes to our mind is Bangalore. Bangalore is called the IT hub of India so this city has headquarters of almost all the major companies in the world. So naturally a large portion of the population of the county resides in this city. To accommodate so many people and yet provide a lavish lifestyle for all of them there are plenty of high rises, splendid, and luxurious residential complexes in Bangalore city. There are lots of amazing and breathtaking residential complexes in Bangalore built by some of the best real estate companies in Bangalore and possibly in India as well. According to some research, Bangalore has the best real estate market in the country. Real estate companies in Bangalore have secured four out of five and seven out of the top 20 spots. Some of the top real estate companies in Bangalore are Prestige Group, Sobha Limited, Brigade Group, Puravankara, Godrej Properties, Kolte Patil, DLF, Unitech Group, Mahindra Lifespace Developers and Ajmera Group.

Some of the top real estate companies

  • The Prestige Group is amongst the most reputed and respected real estate companies in Bangalore. It has a total of 134 world class projects and has completed 81 of them and 84 more are in ready to move state. There are around 30 projects which are still under construction and will be completed very shortly. This real estate company has been building residential complexes in Bangalore for over 31 years and set very high stakes for its other competitors.
  • Sobha Limited is a massive multinational real estate company that has its project all over India and Dubai. It has its main headquarters in Bangalore. Sobha Limited is one of the big guns in the real estate market in Bangalore. It has a grand total of 130 projects and has successfully completed 84 projects and 84 more are ready to start accepting customers. It still has 22 projects which are under construction. This real estate company has been building for around 22 years and has earned several prestigious accolades such as CNBC Awaaz Real Estate Award in 2013, Environment project friendly project of the year award etc.
  • Unitech Group is one of the most popular and well renowned real estate companies in India. It is also India’s second largest real estate company. Unitech has a very strong presence in not only Bangalore city but also all over India. It concentrates its projects into three major segments i.e residential, commercial and hospitality. From building luxurious villas to comfortable apartments Unitech has done it all and has successfully catered the needs of a very wide and diverse range of audiences. This groups has sealed its presence with 46 years of experience having over 115 projects and currently has 5 projects under construction.
  • DLF is a multi diverse business group that makes apartments and commercial complexes. DLF group caters to mainly 3 segments – Super Luxury, Luxury, and Premium. Thus it is clear DLF group entertains only to the high class people of the city. DLF has plenty of residential and commercial complexes in Bangalore city ranging from duplexes to condominiums to row houses and apartments of varying sizes. DLF has been in the industry for 71 years and has completed a total of 93 projects in Bangalore.
  • Godrej Properties is a very famous real estate group that has laid a strong foundation in Bangalore City. It runs with the philosophy of innovation, sustainability, and excellence. Almost all the projects of Godrej Properties is built and designed with the next generation cutting edge technology and innovation. It has received around 200 prestigious awards in the past five years which included the like of the very famous “Premium Real Estate Company of the Year Award” in 2017. This group has been in Bangalore city for around 27 years and successfully built 59 projects and 6 more are under construction and 6 more are in ready to move state.
  • Some other prestigious, highly reputed companies include Kolte Patil, Puravankara, Mahindra Lifespace Developers, and These real estate companies are also very famous and have plenty of high-end luxurious apartment complexes all around Bangalore City catering to all kinds of people.

 These are some of the most famous real estate companies in Bangalore City who have been in this industry for a very long time and they know how to build quality establishments and produce power packed and luxurious homes. So if you are new in Bangalore city and if you are looking for a luxurious residential complex to live in choosing any apartment built by these real estate hot shots will definitely satisfy your needs.


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