Indian real estate sector has full-grown by a amazing pace in the last past five years however the markets have been undergoing various stages of correction at least for the recent last three quarters, slowly shedding off unrealistic price levels that had occupied shape out of speculative market practices, as well as all-pervasive euphoria. However, real estate experts feel that alteration would spell well for the real estate industry in the long run, and will assist industries to consolidate themselves.

Emerging scenario

Given the existing scenario, cost of commercial properties in India is allegedly stabilizing in metros.

Moreover, indian real estate market forecast 2017 have realized that developers have to keep the prices at reasonable levels in order to carry on in the markets. Meanwhile, various business conglomerates are at present scouting for alternative locations at the emerging cities such as Jaipur, Chandigarh, Indore, Mysore as well as Vizag, as prices in metro cities overheat.

Residential real estate, alternatively, has also been realigning itself with the present market forces. A recent report reveals that there is a drop of approximately 20 per cent in the housing real estate sales in India in the initial two quarters of 2007.

In spite of the latest cut in home loan (ROI)interest rates, the range of 10-11 per cent annually is still quite more than 7-8 per cent of the starting of 2000, and individuals no longer intend exposure to upper degrees of loan liabilities.

In line with the recent trends, various builders are at present coming up with projects meant for masses, with yearly incomes in the range between 1 to 1 Lakh Rupees, and the capital prices are maintained moderate. As per latest estimates, above 22 million homes would be required by this income group in the subsequently couple of years.

 indian real estate market forecast 2017

While, a fall in demand has been allegedly noticed in the India Real Estate sector, it certainly not means that the industry is slackening. Unprecedented flow of big investments is there in the real estate sector, and billions of dollars are looking for the way towards India from across the planet.

According to the various experts, the matter is that this industry is maturing with the market situation just like any other business sector.

There is a very big scope of a great earning in the real estate market in India. Government is working hard for modernization of the cities which encourages various investors to invest in India.


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