10 Hot Fitness Trends: Be cool be fit.


Staying fit is not something that you take care of in your old days, anymore. With a fast-moving, keeping fit to cope up is not a luxury, but a necessity. In today’s world, with jobs and careers being of paramount importance, it is very important to keep oneself fit. Besides this, being fit is also a prerequisite to being healthy. Being healthy is the key of life today. So let’s have a look at the 10 hottest fitness trends that are sure to catch attention!

Making use of Wearable Technology:

Wearing technology is one of the most commonly used fitness tools in the present. Wearable technology is defined as any technology that can be worn by a person and provides tracking information which is related to health and fitness. Examples of fitness trackers are as follows:

  • Pedometers
  • Fitness Trackers
  • Heart Rate Monitors

These are really useful devices which help you keep a track of your exercises. It is due to this reason that the market or wearable technology devices is on the rise and is not likely o slow down anytime soon.

Bodyweight and straight Training:

Bodyweight training is the new cool. If you don’t have the time to hit the gym, bodyweight exercises at home are the best ways to keep a check on your weight. There are various kinds of bodyweight exercises, from which you can choose freely depending on your body type. These are also easy to master, and once mastered there will not be any other better fitness regime to follow than bodyweight exercises. Strength training is very helpful in preserving muscle mass and also in helping to maintain metabolism. Strength training has been seen to improve metabolism by unbelievable measures.

Latest fitness trends

There are a multitudes of latest fitness trends that have emerged in the recent past and taken the fitness crazy world by a sweep. One such technique is the water work out technique which includes stints like times sprints in the pool, aqua jogging and planks. Few modified techniques even includes performing lunges and squats balanced on surf boards. With added benefits of swimming these are becoming massively popular. Another technique is the High energy Athletic Training where training in designed and modelled on the procedures used by high performing athletes including sprints, cardio exercises and muscle conditioning. 360 Fitness is a process which predominantly aims on reformer Pilates techniques, group exercises and marathon training, physiotherapy and sports massaging process. Virtual boxing process is a quite popular trend nowadays which is an online boxing work out exercise with tutorials on choreographed moves which have five shadow boxing rounds, high intensity workout intervals and ended by a knockout round. The Mega former technique, adopted by celebrities, is a developed version of Reformer Pilates exercise technique, is quite tough and taxing on all muscular portions of the physique and includes high intensity techniques like maintaining the wheelbarrow position or French Twist techniques where cables are pulled to stretch and season the oblique muscles.



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