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Luxury Apartments for You: Why Bangalore?


Bangalore is a place to be; for both young and the aged. The main reasons behind the huge popularity of the Indian city are the high migration rate and mushrooming industrialization. Companies operating in the Information Technology sector or the aviation sector have stationed or are busy setting up their branches in here.

This is not just improving the infrastructure but is also improving the employment market to a great extent. Apart from this, the Indian economy receives a good deal of revenue from the city. This altogether makes the purchasing power of people strong here and thus their ability to invest heavily in real estate market becomes quite obvious.

Here are some of the top reasons that make Bangalore one of the perfect places to have your luxury apartments:

The Most Decently Priced Houses

The purchasing power of people residing here is quite high as compared to people residing in other Indian cities. Some of the flourishing businesses are here and people earn a very good per capita income. This is the reason why people look out for luxury apartment setting and independent houses. The independent houses and apartments in Bangalore exude modern architectural designs, meticulous approach and are offered within an enviable price range. Bangalore ans earn appreciably and especially the people belonging to the high income group go for luxury life style and homes.

Excellent Infrastructure

The realtors who focus on various regions of Bangalore realize the fact that the city has some of most iconic infrastructure. Be it out and out commercial zone or the social infrastructure, Bangalore mimics the likes of America and developed European countries in terms of face value and modernization. These factors have managed to pull in a lot of people for work, business and even for settling down. People today want to live amidst modern surroundings and thus choosing Bangalore is a natural option

Prospering Regions

Affordable housing is a big hit in Bangalore and other metropolitan cities; however, the builders are busy targeting the other side of housing, which is luxury living option. These realtors are foreseeing a high profitability rate in the upscale housing segment. There are regions like Hebbal, Whitefield and Bannerghatta Road, to name a few that are eyed upon by the realtors for stationing luxury houses and villas.

Connectivity to Other Localities

Bangalore reaches out to one and all and the roads are built in such a way that the connectivity is excellent here. Businessmen and working professionals who are required to travel places will reap maximum benefits from this aspect. The transactions become much easier and thus the buyers will never regret investing into an asset here in the city. Moreover, the locations where the projects have been set up are strategic and have a close proximity to the essential infrastructures and commercial zones.

The Verdict

The money has to be rotated in a way that it should give a buyer a feeling satiating assets’ portfolio. The tips will definitely lighten up your vision to choose Bangalore as a top destination for buying luxury apartments and that too at luring locations.

Get the best areas if you want to invest in Bangalore


The city of Flowers Bangalore has developed multifold in the past few decades. The arrival of technology companies and increase in job opportunities, as well as educational institutes, also have contributed well to the development here. Many people who have arrived here from different corners of the state and country look for some good areas where they can buy a home for personal use as well as for investment. Though there are many areas in the city, all of them cannot be quoted as the best avenue for investment in the real estate segment. Here are some areas where one can buy a property irrespective of type or purpose.

  • Yelahanka: It is an area situated in the north of the city. It is a known area in the outskirts where one can find some defense units also. Loaded with all the infrastructural facilities the area can offer peaceful and comfortable living here. There are more than 100 projects here with different types of property and in different price ranges. In the coming days, the appreciation in value may also offer a good return to the buyer and hence it is considered as one of the prime areas to invest in.
  • Sarjapur Road: It is one more area where one can invest and get a good return in coming years. There is no dearth of residential projects here. However, the constant demand for residential homes appreciates the value fast. It is located near the developed areas such as Whitefield and Electronic city where IT giants have offices and hence even investment in a small property here can also assure one excellent return shortly.
  • Nayandahalli: Till last few years this area was not in the list of the profitable area, but its connectivity by metro has led it here. The connectivity of this area with Indira Nagar and MG Road has made the prices of the property here shot in a few months also. This area also has projects from some of the known developers, and hence one can get desired property here easily.
  • Hebbal: It is an evergreen area that has kept the position on the list intact. It has many large companies here which include known names in Technology and electronics. The properties here also has seen good appreciation in last few years, and for any investor, it is the right area to invest in real estate here as one can find a project in his budget easily here. There are commercial as well as residential areas where one can find quality property for investment as well as personal use here.
  • Whitefield: In the prime areas of the city one cannot ignore the name of this area as it has an end number of excellent properties. One can find 1 BHK homes to projects with Villas where investment can fetch a good return, and even one can enjoy the property if goes for personal use. The availability of Metro also has lead to the excellent connectivity of the area to other parts of the city which is also a big positive factor for the area.

Keep These Documents Ready if You Want to Buy a Home

Keep These Documents Ready if You Want to Buy a Home

Keep These Documents Ready if You Want to Buy a Home

Buying a home is a process that every home seeker wants to know and pass through. From a search of the right property to finally signing of the documents and getting possession, it takes a lot of time, and one has to take various steps at each stage of the process.

One needs to set his budget and search a property that fits the budget, choice, and requirement. However, here if one gets the property, just payment of money does not end the process. One needs to know that the seller has legal rights and possession of the concerned property so that as a buyer he can have the lawful right for the same. Before making the payment one needs to check a number of documents from the seller and see that all the papers are in order as it is a real estate matter which is considered a tricky one and hence one has to be extra alert. Though the best option is to hire an efficient and experienced lawyer, one also needs to know about the required papers and check them.

Hence at the time of purchase of a property, one must know all the documents that he needs to check. If one does not know them, here is the list that can help:

  • Sale Deed: This is the main document where the name of the seller has to be there which shows that the property belongs to him.
  • Khata Certificate: It is a certificate where one can know the name of the current owner of the property.
  • Tax receipt: Majority of the properties are under one or other authorities, and the owner has to pay tax for the same. The tax receipt also bears the name of the current owner which works as a proof of ownership as well. One must see that the latest tax is also paid before buying the property.
  • Bank Loan Statement: If there is any loan on the bank, the buyer must check the loan statement from the bank which can show the name of the borrower and outstanding amount.
  • Encumbrance certificate from the date of buying property.
  • Sale deed or agreement for construction which must be in favor of the owner ( Seller).
  • The last bill of electricity: Here one must check that the same bears the name of the seller and it is paid.
  • Certificate of NOC from the concerned society of apartment.
  • Valid plan of the building which must be sanctioned.
  • Title documents of all the landowners (in a series so that any litigation can be avoided in future)
  • In case of a land development agreement between the owner and builder, the copy of the agreement must be checked.
  • Personal documents of the landowner.
  • Extract of 7/12
  • Copy of share certificate of the concerned society.

These are some of the common documents one must check. In the case of copies of the documents one also needs to check the original so that the verification of the same can be done.

WEST BANGALORE: A new address for many real estate projects


In every city, the center is with the old buildings and a few areas are developing. However, this trend does not apply accurately to the megacities as in some of the cities a few areas which may have redevelopment or development, and hence they are much focused by the home seekers, investors as well as builders and real estate developers. In the city of Bangalore, the West Bangalore is much in the discussion as there are a number of areas where new projects are coming up, and some of them are also from some renowned developers.

Looking at the future perspective of the area, there are some leading developers such as Sobha, Salarpuria, and Tata homes which have come up with their various projects. The projects here doubtlessly offer some of the best assets to the investors and property to the users. Due to increasing value of the property, here one can expect the appreciation in the price of the property in the short term also. The properties here are mainly in the residential segment, and people from service sector are the prime buyers. Due to the industries in nearby areas the primary class who prefer property here is a middle class from service section. The main areas that have attracted the home buyers are Jalahalli, Handrahalli, and BHEL colony, Dasarahalli, Karivobanahalli, Laggere, Peenya, Hasarghatta, Chikkasandra and HMT housing colony as well as Nagasandra.

The tremendous infrastructural development in the West Bangalore is also a prime driver of the demand of property here. The area is well connected to the rest of the city. Some of the developed areas such as Rajajinagar, Electronic city, Koramangala, Bannerghatta Road and Malleshwaram as well as Begur main road are overloaded with the public and hence those who want new homes and that too at a better location, the west Bangalore is the preferred choice.

There are also many more developments being here, and some of the major centers are being developed such as stadium and exhibition center which help the members to have better living here. There are also more public services being developed here. Effective connectivity to the other areas of the city proves much helpful to the people who want to have a property here and hence the demand for classic properties is consistently increasing here.

In next couple of years, the Metro Rail Phase 1 and 2 will be active which will add much to the connectivity to various areas of the city. There is also peripheral Ring Road which will help to have better movement through roadway. The Proposed Mumbai-Bangalore Industrial corridor will also offer a great contribution to the industrial as well as commercial and residential infrastructure. Due to the increased chances in the job market, development of industries and basic facilities the demand for homes has increased in this area. The developers here also have majority schemes in the residential segment for a small to medium size family such as 1 and 2 as well as 3 BHK.

Ready to Move Homes: Is it a Viable Option?

Ready to move homes

Ready to move homes

Buying a home may prove as a turning point in one’s life. The days are gone when one was going to buy a piece of land and getting the home constructed as there are developers in the market who offer a ready to move home. However, it is always a question in one’s mind if the same can prove a viable option or one needs to rely on the conventional way of getting home. Well, in such case one needs to check the benefits as well as the limitations and come to a conclusion.

The benefits: There are ample benefits associated with ready to move option of home. Some of them are listed here.

  • The look and features: One can check the exterior as well as the interior look of the home in case of a ready to move home and decide if he wants to go for the same or not. In other option of getting home, this feature cannot be availed.
  • The amenities: If one goes for a huge scheme or a township, there can be ample amenities which he can enjoy. In the individual home, it may prove a costly affair to get such amenities.
  • The cost: Usually it is seen that the cost of the self-made home can be lower than that of the ready to move home. However, it again depends on many other factors as well.
  • Ease of getting home: In case of ready to move home, one can get the home which he can start using immediately which is not possible in the self-made a home. Here one has to deal with a number of people and service providers which can prove a big headache.
  • The design: In the ready to move home, the builders can afford to keep the best designer who can offer excellent design while in the case of the individual making of home this may not be possible due to budgetary constraints.
  • Quality of work: In the individual home, one can keep a watch on the quality of the work which may not be possible in the case of ready to move home. However, many of the developers try to offer the best quality home only, but if there is a compromise in quality also, one can hardly know about it.

The limitations: As the ready to move home has got benefits; surely it has a few limitations as well. Here are some limitations also noted.

  • Area: The area of the home cannot be chosen by the buyer in the case of ready to move home which is very much possible in the self-made a home. Even in case of a township also one can do nothing for the area where the township is situated.
  • Budget: In the ready to move home one can have fixed budget while in case of the self-made home the budget can be changed as per the requirement of the individual.

One can decide what will be a better option for him considering the above benefits and limitations.

Salarpuria Misty Charm in Kanakapura Road, Bangalore – Price, Location Map, Floor Plan

Salarpuria Sattva Misty Charm Bangalore

Salarpuria Misty Charm

Salarpuria Group is a well-known brand in the real estate industry as it has provided one of the leading projects to reside in the metro cities. The brand has delivered what everyone dreamed of. This time also, it is creating a landmark in the city of Bangalore with the name Salarpuria Misty Charm. An investment in this project will be remarkable for our future.

A home is where the day begins and the day ends. A home is not only 4 walls and roof but also the emotion for which a hard worker does not differentiate between days and nights. They relentlessly work to meet both the ends and still manage to save enough to buy a new home. This is why the investment should be carefully done so that no mistake is committed. To find such homes, you need to cover many projects physically and then decide. The professionals in Bangalore do not have ample time to spend on such a venture. They often seek the best real estate developer in town and find a property. To avail such an opportunity, you can trust Salarpuria Misty Charm. The project is being developed in the best location in the city.

Where is Salarpuria Misty Charm?

Salarpuria misty Charm Location

The real estate brand has chosen the perfect location for the development of the project. It has strategically chosen Kanakapura Road in the city where immense development is going on for a few decades. This part of the city has considerably increased in its size due to the construction from the real estate developers and the development done by the government. The arterial roads and the means of public transport make it easier to commute to any part of the city without any problem. Salarpuria Misty Charm will be sharing one of the best locations in the city with other remarkable projects in Kanakapura Road.

The IT professionals will be able to find the IT hubs in the southern part of the city very close to this project location. The southern part of the city is better than any other suburb. It offers a seamless connectivity with the rest of the city via the excellent network of roadways. The professionals will be able to connect with their offices easily. The residents of Salarpuria Misty Charm will also find good schools, markets, malls, shops, hospitals, drug stores, restaurants, entertainment centers, etc very close to the project.

Features of Salarpuria Misty Charm

Salarpuria Misty Charm will offer 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK apartments in the form of residential towers. The floor space will vary from 399 square feet to 1079 square feet. The total area acquired by the brand to create a landmark is 9.5 acres. The properties will be available for possession by the end of March 2022. The price of these properties is set to vary from INR 30 Lakh. There will be total 797 units available for possession. Apart from the basic facilities in the residential tower, the brand will also provide many recreational amenities to the residents of Salarpuria Misty Charm Kanakapura Road. Be a proud part of this community and enjoy the rest of your life.

Shapoorji Pallonji Joyville Mohali Presents the Residential Township Punjab

shapoorji pallonji Joyville Mohali

Shapoorji Pallonji Joyville Mohali Punjab

What else does a family need other than a beautifully designed home with all the best amenities? The family members will find utmost happiness and enjoyment while living in this home. It will be full of positive energy. Everyone will stay happy and will find ample encouragement to pursue the big goals in life. If you are searching for a home in Mohali then none other than Shapoorji Pallonji Joyville Mohali can give you the best satisfaction. A home constructed by such a huge brand is the stamp of a good future. Once bought, it will become an excellent asset that will secure the future of the family.

Shapoorji Pallonji is the ideal brand to find a home and make a fruitful investment. Needless to say, this brand has provided one of the best residential infrastructures to the needy in the leading cities. The investment done in these properties has proved to be very successful in the future. For the modern home seekers, Shapoorji Pallonji Joyville Mohali will be the best deal in Mohali. Every aspect of the project will be perfect and adorable for the modern families. The project has been announced by the developer and is currently under construction.

Where is Shapoorji Pallonji Joyville Mohali?

The home seekers of Mohali will witness their dreams becoming a reality within few years. The advent of the landmark project in this city will be the best one to own a property and make life extremely comfortable in the future. Mohali is a promising city for jobs and other facilities. The professionals working in this city will find the best opportunities to pursue a good future. Shapoorji Pallonji Joyville Mohali will be the ideal place to live as the leading locations in the city will become easily accessible. The arterial roads will offer a seamless connectivity for the professionals to find their offices close to their homes. It will reduce the travel time to a minimum which is why the busy professionals will be able to spend ample time with their family. The family members will also find everything close to the project premises. The developed surrounding will offer ample retail shops and markets to buy daily provisions. The good schools will offer a perfect venue to get educated for the children. Banks, ATMs, restaurants, malls, entertainment centers, drug stores, hospitals, etc will be close to the home too.

Attributes of Shapoorji Pallonji Joyville Mohali

Shapoorji Pallonji Joyville Mohali will be the ideal landmark project to own a home and make your future secure. The spacious homes will offer excellent features such as modular kitchen, modern bathrooms, and vast rooms. The open area will be converted into a green landscape. Ample ventilation and fresh air will keep the future residents healthy and happy. There will be ample car parking space, security system, sports courts, playgrounds, community halls, clubhouse and other modern facilities allotted to every resident.

Godrej Active: Announces Remarkable Properties with Excellent Amenities


The ideal solution of owning a home is to find one in a metro city. The family will enjoy the perks of living in a leading city. The investment will bring a brilliant return in the near future as the metro cities are growing at a faster rate. An investment in a real estate property is ideal as the return cannot be matched by any other investment plan. This is why most of the professionals working in Pune often invest in a property and enjoy living there for the rest of their lives. If you are looking for such homes then Godrej Active will be the best option for a fruitful investment.

Godrej Active

Godrej Properties is the excellent choice you can go with. The brand has provided the best projects in the leading cities in India. This brand is recommended by the existing customers who are well-benefitted by the previous properties. Godrej Active Pune is the latest project in Pune that will offer a perfect address to find the righteous properties in the city. Make an intelligent decision and enjoy a secure future ahead.

Where is Godrej Active?

Pune is considered as the second commercial corridor of Western India after Mumbai. This city is offering the best growth opportunities for multinational companies and the professionals also. The growing demand of the residential properties in the city is being met with the projects delivered in the peaceful suburbs. One of the best-known suburbs for owning such properties is Keshav Nagar. The real estate developer has strategically chosen this location so that the future residents of Godrej Active can enjoy a multiplied return. The price of the properties is surely going to increase considerably in the near future.

Keshav Nagar is well connected with the main city via an excellent network of arterial roads. The IT hubs and the commercial centers situated in the city will be easily connected via the roads. The employees will be able to connect with the offices without wasting time in commuting. The residents in Godrej Active will also find a developed surrounding. The nearby shops and markets will offer all the daily provisions a family needs. The schools will also offer an excellent platform for the education of the children. The vicinity of the malls, entertainment centers, hospitals, drug stores, banks, ATMs, petrol pumps, etc will ensure a smooth lifestyle in this project.

Features of Godrej Active

The project is planning to offer 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK apartments. Godrej Active will be developed on a vast piece of land. The majority of the acquired land will be converted into a designer landscape. Ample greenery within the perimeter of the project will offer fresh air and ventilation for the residential units. The residences will come with power backup, water supply, security, CCTV surveillance, decorated lobbies, and all other modern facilities a family needs. The compound will also offer playgrounds, sports courts, walkways, car parking, community halls, clubhouse and other recreational amenities essential these days. Life in Godrej Active will be ideal for the modern families in Pune.

Sobha Marina One – Sobha Group New Project Kochi

Sobha Marina One Kochi

Sobha marina OneImagine living in a residence you own facing the sea within a resort-like project, Sobha Marina One. Imagine the lifestyle you can avail of this type of posh projects in a leading city in India. The sea-facing cost higher than the conventional ventures in the leading cities. Almost every hard working person has dreamed of owning such houses. The professionals, who aim to own such homes in a luxury project, work hard to convert it into a reality. If you are one of them and want a home in Kochi then you are in for a good surprise. Sobha Developers has announced a sea facing project for the aspiring home seekers in Kochi. The new project Sobha Marina One will be ideal for a modern lifestyle and immense luxury you expect.

Sobha Developers has always managed to mesmerize the contemporary home seekers by its brilliant residential projects in the leading cities. This time it has chosen Kochi for the construction of Sobha Marina One, a flagship venture in the city. There is no doubt that the project will be a perfect choice for a standard lifestyle in the modern times.

Where is Sobha Marina One?

The real estate developer has chosen an ideal location where the future residents will be able to stay away from the chaos and enjoy the vicinity of the sea every day. It has chosen Marine Drive in Kochi as the next stop for a flagship residential development named Sobha Marina One. As the name suggests, this will be the top priority for the luxury home seekers in the city. This location is ideally connected with the main city via the excellent network of roadways. The owners will be able to connect with their business points easily. The daily commute will become less hassling as the time consumed in the traffic will reduce considerably due to the arterial roads.

The family members residing in this location will find excellent schools for the education of the children. The vicinity of the educational institutions will offer an excellent platform for the students to learn. The proximity of the shops and markets will offer all the daily necessities of a family. In fact, the banks, ATMs, drug stores, hospitals, restaurants, entertainment centers, malls, etc will be close too. Sobha Marina One will be the idyllic address to find a posh community to live.

Features of Sobha Marina One

Sobha Marina One Kochi will offer 12 towers of residential units for possession by the end of 2021. There will be a total of 1141 units developed. The developer is aiming to deliver 3 BHK and 4 BHK villa sized apartments with ample floor space for the modern families. The floor design will offer a space ranging from 2483 square feet to 3711 square feet. The total space acquired by the developer is 16.7 acres.  The open space will cater ample greenery, infinity swimming pool, gardens, trees, playgrounds, clubhouse and other amenities you will need to lead a luxurious lifestyle. Invest your future in Sobha Marina One and ensure a comfortable life ahead.

Spacious Plots Reliaable Dollar Colony in Gattahalli, Bangalore


What can be better than an independent plot to create a home of your own? You will not have to depend on the plans provided by the developers rather you can create your own as per your preferences. This is the dream that every professional finds very lucrative. It is hard to find such plots in a congested city. Worry no more as the dream of constructing your own house in Bangalore will be fulfilled as Reliaable Dollar Colony is offering excellent plots for ownership. The home seekers in Bangalore will be able to come up with an ideal plot in a perfect location to create the best homes in the metro city.

Reliaable Dollor Colony Construction project Image

Whether you want a humdrum house or a luxury residential plaza, it is all our decision. Own a plot and prepare your dream house to live in the future. Reliaable Dollar Colony offers the best opportunity to own a house and enjoy a great life. The brand has always managed to create a perfect ambiance for future owners. From choosing the right location for creating the best infrastructure for future living, the brand has managed to mesmerize the home seekers every time.

Where is Reliaable Dollar Colony?

The real estate developer has chosen the best location in the metro city where the residents will find everything easily. Gattahalli is the choice of the eminent developer to provide the best plots to the home seekers. It is very close to Electronic City. Electronic City is the leading IT hub in the city. It is now easy to understand that if the project is close to this IT hub, it will be close to NICE Road, Outer Ring Road, Silk Board Junction, and HSR Layout. Needless to mention, the owners of the plots will enjoy a seamless connectivity with the entire city easily. Reliable Dollar Colony will offer the best location to build your dream home in Bangalore. Your commute time will reduce to a minimum and you can bring a proper balance to your life.

The developed surrounding will offer all the specific needs a family requires daily. The proximity of the supermarkets, retail shops, malls, entertainment centers, restaurants, eateries, hospitals, banks, ATMs, petrol pumps, etc will provide all the provisions one needs easily. Reliable Dollar Colony will become the ideal spot for the modern families to make a new home.

Features of Reliable Dollar Colony

Reliaable Dollor Colony project related Image

Reliable Dollar Colony is the perfect project where you can find great plots to create a dream home. The brand has acquired a huge land of area 100 acres. It has been skillfully divided into roads, plots, and other specific amenities a modern home seeker needs. The size of the plots varies from 1200 square feet to 2400 square feet. The owners will be able to build G+2 floors in each plot. The price of the plots will start from INR 61 Lakh. There will be a total of 115 units available for possession. Hurry up as the possession of the lands has already been started in 2017. To get more information: http://www.propestate.com/reliaable-dollar-colony-expands-presence-now-gattahalli-bangalore/

Provident Northern Destiny: The destiny of good living in excellent homes


A dream home is what defines your future. The possession of such Provident Northern Destiny properties is the sign of prosperity and a promising future ahead. The ideal way to ensure a good fortune is to invest your time and money in buying a home. Needless to mention, every investment expert suggests investing in the real estate properties as the return is excellent and far better than any other commodity. The issue is to find an excellent property where you can channelize your resources to secure your family’s future. If you want a home in Bangalore then Provident Northern Destiny will be the perfect option for a fruitful investment.

Provident Developers is one of the best names in the real estate industry in India as it has provided one of the best projects for the Indian families in the leading cities. The developer has always installed the best features of the contemporary time so that the owners can reside peacefully in the properties. This time also, Provident Northern Destiny will be the prime choice of investment for the families deciding to settle down in Bangalore.

Where is Provident Northern Destiny?

The real estate brand has chosen Bangalore to be the next city for its marvelous creation. After a prolonged research and assessment, it has chosen Thanisandra Area as the best destination for a decent residential development. The new venture Provident Northern Destiny will be erected in this landmark location.

Thanisandra is a well-developed suburb of the metro city which is connected with the important business hubs via the excellent network of roadways. It will be easier for the professionals to commute to their workplaces without spending too much time in the traffic. The nearby IT hubs will also offer ample opportunities for the professionals to avail excellent opportunities to work and prosper. The family members will also find ideal schools and other educational institutions for the children. The retail markets will offer all the provisions a family needs daily. Hospitals, banks, ATMs, drug stores, entertainment centers, restaurants, etc will be close to the premises of Provident Northern Destiny.

Features of Provident Northern Destiny

The real estate developer is all set to create a landmark residential project in Thanisandra for the modern home seekers. Provident Northern Destiny will be constructed on a huge piece of land of area 4.5 acres. There will be huge towers where the residential units will be catered with all the modern features you need in your home. There will be 2 BHK and 3 BHK variants available in ample designs. The floor space of the properties will be 1000 square feet to 1425 square feet. Every residential tower will have decorated lobbies, lifts, security system, CCTV, power backup, maintenance and other necessary features to avail.

The open space will be converted into a perfect landscape with ample lung space for the residents. Fresh air and green lawns will make your evening quite rejuvenating. The sports courts, playgrounds and clubhouse will be ideal for recreation. Invest your future in Provident Northern Destiny Thanisandra Road and enjoy living in this excellent community.

Best Residential Properties from Godrej Magadi Road Bangalore

Godrej Magadi Road

Godrej Magadi Road Bangalore

Bangalore is the city that offers extreme convenience for a family. It is the best platform where the IT professionals find the best jobs and tend to settle down here. This is why the aspirants flock into the city and find a new home to settle down. To provide the best homes to the seekers, the real estate developers are aiming to create remarkable projects in the close vicinity of the IT hubs. The best bet one can do to find and own a new home in Bangalore is Godrej Magadi Road. The new upcoming marvel from the real estate developer is ideal for the home seekers in Bangalore.

Godrej is the best choice you can make to own a home. The current development is taking place on the outskirts of Bangalore. Among many projects, the new venture Godrej Magadi Road will cater a perfect environment to find a new home. it is worth mentioning that the properties will offer a unique medium to invest your money and enjoy an excellent future ahead.

Location of Godrej Magadi Road

Bangalore is a metro city where you can avail the entire facilities one needs. The city is now increasing its span to new directions. The residential developments are taking place in the close vicinity of the business centers and commercial zones so that the future residents can enjoy immense convenience to commute. The new point of attraction in this city is Magadi Road. It is situated in the western part of the city. Godrej Magadi Road will be the best landmark project in this city.

Magadi Road is a part of the excellent network of roadways that offer a seamless connectivity to exploit. It is close to Majestic, Race Course, and Rajrajeshwari Nagar. It will be easier for the professionals working in the leading IT hubs to commute to the workplaces. The other family members will also find everything at an arm’s distance from the compound due to the developed surrounding. From good educational institutions to banks, hospitals to restaurants, all will be close to the compound. Apart from the facilities available in the surrounding, the project will also offer excellent amenities to make life infinitely better.

Facilities and features of Godrej Magadi Road

Like all the other projects from the real estate development, Godrej will cater everything one needs to maintain a proper lifestyle. Not much is known about the Godrej Magadi Road Bangalore. One can be assured that the apartments will be developed in the form of residential towers. The towers will have fast-paced lifts, tailored lobbies, power backup, security system, intercom and other necessary facilities required for a modern lifestyle. Godrej Magadi Road will also offer ample open space converted into a designer landscape. There will be sports courts, parks, lawns, sitting area, party deck, community halls, clubhouse and many other amenities you will find quite fascinating. An investment in such properties will be ideal for a modern family to enjoy.

Godrej Meridien Upcoming Project by Godrej Properties in Sector 106 Gurgaon


An upcoming residential hub in its making, Godrej Meridien promises to offer world-class luxury and relaxation amidst the latest technologies and well-planned infrastructure. This project is highly economical as far as money is concerned and small families who king-sized apartments don’t need can find this property hugely beneficial.

godrej sector 106 gurgaon sa

Godrej Meridien Location:

It is located at sector 106 at Dwarka Expressway. Located at the vicinity of a metro station and airport, makes this complex more accessible.  This complex is easy to reach from Gurgaon and Delhi. Surrounded by posh malls, hospitals, schools, institutions, makes this project highly in demand for its buyers.

“Godrej Meridien” has come to offer your ultra-extravagance home on Dwarka Expressway in Sector 106 Gurgaon, best case scenario in the class cost. As a matter of fact, the task incorporates 7 Towers (2 Iconic, 5 Normal) which include ultra-extravagance 2 BHK, 3 BHK, 4 BHK condos, and penthouses. Furthermore, these condos and penthouses accessible with 1400 sq. ft. – 2750 sq. ft. estimate run. Moreover, this new venture on Dwarka Expressway by Godrej Properties covers 14.5 sections of land of prime territory.

Moreover, as being situated on Dwarka Expressway, Godrej Meridien Dwarka Expressway has a decent area which interfaces with Delhi and different parts of Gurgaon. In addition, Entertainment Zones, Shopping Complexes, Retail shops encompass the venture. Likewise, IGI Airport only 15 minutes’ drive from the undertaking. Furthermore, world-class schools, super strength healing facilities, and proposed metro station adjacent. In addition, Godrej Meridien Sector 106 Gurgaon adjacent extravagant progressing and finished private and business ventures.


Presence of world-class technologies and cutting-edge infrastructure, this residential complex is a great choice for those who enjoy modern amenities but also need the touch of nature

Apartment features

Living, dining, and bedroom are covered with Italian style marble and tiles. Modular kitchen with sink made of stainless steel and chimneys fitted. 100 % DG backup power for an emergency,24 hours elevator services and washrooms with bathtubs and modern-day infrastructure

Surrounding places of importance

Famous schools and institutions, located at a distance of 1 km, It Hubs located 10 minutes away from the place. Hospitals located 2kms away from the place, Airport is a 1-hour distance from here. Café, restaurants, hotels all are located in the nearby areas.

Apartment details

Godrej Meridien Gurgaon is made up of 2 BHK, 3 BHK, 3 BHK compact and 4 BHK large apartments the prices of which have not yet been fixed.   As it is a comparatively new project and still in the initial days of its making, the prices for the apartments have not yet been finalized.  This complex will be extremely good for nuclear families who want to maintain privacy and are satisfied in a medium space.


One of the oldest and most reliable real estate companies, Godrej group brings up another breathtaking and budget-friendly residential complex equipped with flawless infrastructure, latest technologies, and world-class amenities amidst the lap of greeneries. This complex will prove to be highly economical for small families who don’t want to go for king-sized apartments. Godrej group is the winner of numerous awards for its excellent contribution to the real estate business.

Wonderful Living Spaces with Vascon Goodlife

Vascon Goodlife Pune

Pune has always remained a popular city to seek adobes for residents from the different professional background. But it’s not so easy to find a dream house within budget in a metro city like Pune. But now here’s some good news. The renowned real estate developer Vascon offers you a great residential project in Talegaon. The Vascon Developers are well-known and one of the leading names in the market of real estate developing. They have several years of good reputation, experience and many happy customers for providing always the best materials and perfect adobes. The Vascon Goodlife Talegaon project will be no exception in this case.

Vascon Goodlife

This project can give your dream adobe for surely. It’s still in the pre-launch state. Undoubtedly Vascon Goodlife too will be loaded with modern facilities, amazing designs, smart engineering and with all the daily life hacks that are necessary for a modern lifestyle. It offers smart studio and flats of 1 BHK and 2 BHK. The size range will be 227-460 sq. ft., with 2021 adobes on a 10.5 acres land area. The starting price of the adobes is only 13.63 lakh which is really low for a good location adobe in Pune. This project will add another feather in the cap of Vascon.

Location and Neighborhood:

Vascon Goodlife location

Location and neighborhood play a vital role when it comes to having an adobe. The Vascon Goodlife Talegaon project will be situated at Talegaon area which is very nicely connected with other major parts of the city. The roads and transportation system is quite well. Also, the airport and the railway station will be mostly at the door for the residents. You’ll get all necessary daily life facilities as good schools, colleges, hospital, medical stores, bank, petrol pump, malls and supermarkets in the area so you don’t need to waste your time traveling and have an easy, smooth living.

Here’s a list of some important places and their distances from the location.

  • Indian Oil Petrol Pump – 1 min
  • Dy Patil College – 2 minutes
  • Eden International School – 2 minutes
  • Old Mumbai-Pune Highway – 5 minutes
  • Mumbai-Pune Express Way – 12 minutes

Amenities of Vascon Goodlife:

Vascon Goodlife Talegaon will give you every possible amenity to have an easy and modern lifestyle. The building will have earthquake resistant structure to ensure your safety. The flooring, kitchen, plumbing and sanitary will be done with best materials. The adobes will be designed in a unique and creative way, setting a trend of latest pattern in the market. They will have good ventilation of fresh air and ample natural light. The buildings will have 24 hours water and power supply

Godrej Alive Coming Soon Project In LBS Road Thane West, Mumbai


Mumbai, also known as the ‘city of dreams’ is home to millions of aspiring hearts, dreamy-eyed youngsters and of course, the rich and popular crowd. It is one of the most happening cities in India. ‘Home’ is the place that everyone wants to return at the end of the day. You must have been dreaming about owning a comfortable retreat for ages. In that case, what is better than Godrej Alive? One of the most talked about projects in Mumbai, this residential project aims at bringing class and technology together to provide you with a brilliant infrastructure with all modern amenities.


In this article, a brief overview of the Godrej Alive project has been given.

Location of Godrej Alive

Godrej Alive Location Map Image

Located at LBS mark, Thane, Mumbai, Godrej Alive is brilliantly connected to the rest of the city as well as areas in Gujarat. It is just 0.5 kilometers away from Thane station, 1 kilometer away from Mulund station. IIT Bombay is only 20 kilometers away from this project. Moreover, the airport is located at a distance of 13 kilometers from the residence. Isn’t that wonderful? Also, those looking for other facilities, hospitals, reputed schools, and colleges are at a convenient distance from the residential area.

Surroundings of Godrej Alive

For those who think residences in Mumbai are surrounded by noisy and dusty roads, polluted atmosphere and crowded localities, Godrej Alive proves them wrong by surrounding the project with beautiful greenery. The atmosphere is peaceful and a treat to the eyes.

Floor plans of Godrej Alive

Godrej Alive has carefully designed three different units –

2BHK units – compact units spread over an area of 680 sqft. to 721 sqft. These are designed for newlywed couples or youngsters who plan to stay alone or with a friend.

3BHK units – slightly more spacious than the 2BHK units, these flats are spread over an area of 860 sqft. to 930 sqft. These units are made keeping in mind new and expanding families.

4BHK units – with the advantage of a balcony area, this perfect for families who want bigger space to live in. These units are spread over an area of 1076- 1323 sqft.

Amenities of Godrej Alive

Godrej Alive provides various amenities to ensure a safe and luxurious experience in your dream abode.

1)         General amenities –

  • There is a 24/7 security system for ensuring the safety of residents along with electrical fencing and CCTV cameras that are strategically placed all over the campus.
  • A fully equipped, digitized library for avid readers and students is available.
  • A luxurious multi cuisine restaurant for the days you don’t feel like eating at home.
  • A beautiful and elegant party area for various events to celebrate your life.

2)         Lifestyle amenities –

  • Jogging Park for boosting your health
  • Children’s play park for the little ones to get along with each other and enjoy their childhood
  • Fully institutionalized swimming pools for kids and adults.
  • Multi gymnasium for daily workouts.
  • Sports club for the sports enthusiasts.

Price of Godrej Alive

This beautiful project is going to fit all type of budgets and hence it’s your golden opportunity to invest in real estate. The exact price is under request.

The conclusion of Godrej Alive

To conclude with, Godrej Alive Thane West is one of kind, affordable and brilliantly designed, this residential project will live up to dreams of owning a perfect retreat in the city of dreams.

Godrej Elements A New Address at Hinjewadi with Luxury

Godrej Elements

India has undergone many a change in this 21st century, the most noticeable being modernization. With the massive increase in population, there is a gradual change in the lifestyle of the countrymen. People are more inclined to lead a luxurious life. The first thing that comes to mind when speaking of luxury is a quality home. Godrej Properties presents its new residential launch in big cities like Pune, Godrej Elements new homes which are not only lavish but also satisfy every desire of the mind and soul.

 Godrej Elements Pune

The famous real estate builder Godrej Property of Pune is coming up with thousands of projects in different areas. Keeping in mind the value for money they are all set to offer splendid homes to the buyers. Here are some specifications for one such project, known as Godrej Elements, Hinjewadi:

  • Size of each apartment

Each apartment will have 2-3 BHK. It is suitable for small and medium-sized families. The total area can be decided by the buyer.

  • Number of units

The project, Godrej Elements involves several numbers of units as designed in the artist’s impression.

  • Price

Godrej Property strictly keeps in mind the value for money. The price per sq.ft and the total price will be informed before booking.

  • Possession time

The builders proposed about 3 years.

  • Features

Each apartment of Godrej Elements will have a beautiful main entrance. It will also have wide corridors, spacious balconies and walkways. It will enjoy a quick lift facility and good housekeeping services.

  • Constructional specifications

The building material includes a concrete block for walls. Flooring and skirting will be done with high-quality vitrified tiles. Superior quality ceramic tiling dado will be used all throughout the kitchen. There will be electrical power back-up for the apartments. Plumbing and sanitary fittings will have chromium-plated pipes and equipment.

  • Amenities

The complex will have different refreshment and relaxation corners. The lush green field will have provisions for outdoor games and morning walk. The yoga and spa area, party area, gaming zone, multi-purpose hall, and clubhouse will also be there for enjoyment.

  • Location

The location of Godrej Elements is favorable as it has connections with important places of the city. The educational institutes are within 5km distance. From the railway station and airport, reaching home will be a few minutes’ drives. The nearby market will be there for daily resources. There is a multi-specialty hospital nearby for any emergency.

Conclusion– Godrej Property, Pune are planning new apartment complexes which offer a luxurious home to the buyers with impressive features and amenities at a reasonable price. So, without further thinking, come and indulge in its spiritual aura and give life its desired bliss.

Godrej Devanahalli in Bangalore | Pre Launch | Price | Location | Layout


Since our childhood days, we have heard about the concept of paradise or Elysium. The word paradise itself provokes us to think of a place where there is unlimited luxury and comfort. But the news is that there is a paradise on earth and that too very near to us. Well, let us not create any more riddles, the answer to all your queries is there for you and that too within your own budget and the solution is Godrej Properties at Devanahalli. The project Godrej Devanahalli is being launched on Bellary Road very near to the Kempegowda International Airport of the city. However, the project is in its pre- launch status.

Godrej Properties Lmt Logo

The Project Godrej Devanahalli is a joint venture project along with the M S Ramaiah Group. The township is being built over an area of approximately 100 acres with affordable price. Godrej Devanahalli Bangalore project is expected to be completed by the year 2020.

The locality of Godrej Devanahalli

The region of Devanahalli is one of the most rapidly developing areas of the city of Bangalore and many residential projects are coming up like the one by the Brigade and Embassy Group. The area has best of the transport facilities in terms of close proximity to bus, auto and trains, underground gutters for effective sewage disposal, electricity supply and communication facilities that have made the area a leading one in the field or land development. The hospital, school and college are just a few kilometres away from the project.

Other salient features

  • There will be monitoring of the entire complex with the help of CCTV cameras along with the security staff.
  • The residents are to enjoy continuous water supply and fast moving elevators as well as spacious corridors in each building.
  • There is a beautifully landscaped garden.
  • The developers have also provided the dwellers with a clubhouse with the latest facilities.
  • The amphitheatre is being made for the entertainment of the residents.
  • There are other facilities like the well- equipped gymnasium and the swimming pool for the health conscious people.
  • The kids’ zone and the children’s park are wonderful places for fun and amusement for the tiny tots.
  • The jogger’s park and the yoga deck are again great places for exercises and relaxation.
  • The BBQ area could also be of great fun to organize any kind of party.

Godrej is a very well- known real estate developer and has been developing a number of properties in the city of Bengaluru like the set of villas known as Godrej Gold County, on Tumkur Road in collaboration with actor Fardeen Khan. So, once you invest with them, you future is secured. Your house becomes your earthly Elysium as well as a great investment.


Godrej Solitaire New Project Launching Sector 150 Noida


The latest updates from Godrej Solitaire, Noida

According to some surveys made, thousands of people are in the lookout for new home that would be secure, modern, exciting and lucrative. A home which would not only be a home to live in but it would also be a great investment for the future. In an endeavor to fulfill this desire of the people, the eminent builders Godrej Properties is coming up with their latest venture named Godrej Solitaire Noida.

Godrej Solitaire

Godrej is no new name in the field of real estate developing. They have given us many outstanding projects like Godrej Nature Plus, The Park, Godrej Golf Links apartments Villaments, Godrej Nature Plus, Godrej 106 Gurgaon and more and now Godrej Solitaire Nest Noida is their latest feather. Noida is gradually catching the attention of investors and home buyers because of several factors. For instance, Noida is developing into a business hub.

Godrej Solitaire is located in sector 150, Noida which is actually a very well- planned area. All social frames are in close proximity to the complex like communication is very well developed as the project is very close to Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, Yamuna Expressway, MSX Mall and Omaxe Connaught Place which are the main business centres of New Delhi.

Now, if you are to prepare a checklist of the factors that you need to keep in mind when you are thinking of investing in a property, then the list would look something like the following list:

  • Who is the builder: when you ask this question, you get the obvious answer that it is the Godrej and somebody whom you can trust without any question.
  • Location and social amenities: the location, as discussed above, is superb as Noida is now accessible from Delhi, Haryana as well as Faridabad. All the social amenities that you can dream of are very close to the housing project which includes some well- known international schools and colleges.
  • Facilities within the complex: the facilities within the complex are absolutely world class. You name a facility and it is there. These facilities include Wi-Fi, swimming pool, indoor as well as outdoor games facility, a well- equipped gymnasium; children play zone, jogger’s zone, car parking and much more.

The housing project is planned to come up over a vast expanse of 9 acres and there are 3 BHK and 4 BHK options available. This means that you would be able to invest in the type of flats depending on your budget. The quality of materials used is undoubtedly great. The landscape is beautiful and every effort has been made to ensure that you experience a great living. Apart from the above-mentioned amenities, you are also getting a crew of experienced and efficient maintenance staff who would be available to you any time you face an emergency; the security is highly efficient; the public park is where you can spend the evening. The flats come with a ready to use the modular kitchen. The developers, in short, has ensured that once you are within the complex, you are not required to go anywhere else.

Godrej Garden City: Ready to Move Apartments Near SG Highway Jagatpur

Godrej Garden City

Godrej Garden CityWhat if you can find a home in a city developed by a renowned real estate brand? It will make your dream come true in a perfect shape. To own a property in such a reputed project will be a great achievement. Godrej has come up with the best project near Ahmedabad to fulfill the dream of the home seekers. Its new project Godrej Garden City will be the ultimate choice for the Indian families to find an ideal lifestyle ahead.

Godrej has pledged to transform SG Highway by initiating a huge project in this area. It will literally change the skyline of the place by introducing the best-in-class project with a remarkable land space. Godrej Garden City will be the perfect choice for the modern families to invest their money.

Where is Godrej Garden City?

Godrej Properties has chosen SG Highway as its new location for the latest venture. It has planned to create a small city by the side of the highway near Jagatpur. Jagatpur is one of the best locations in Ahmedabad where you can place your bet and enjoy a good future ahead. It falls in the north-western part of the city with excellent communication.

Godrej Garden City will offer a seamless connectivity with the entire city where the professionals will be able to meet their responsibilities on time. It is located within the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation area which means all the facilities will be available for the residents. There are good schools, playgrounds, entertainment centers, hospitals, banks, ATMs, etc for the use of the dwellers.

Attributes of Godrej Garden City

The project is planning to provide more than 13000 residential units in the form of 65 residential towers to the home seekers. Needless to say, Godrej Garden City will be the prime point where one can invest his hard earned money to enjoy a secure future ahead. The specific facilities in the project along with that of the municipal corporation will make living here very convenient.

There are 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and 3.5 BHK residences available in Godrej Garden City Ahmedabad. The project has been completed and the properties are available for possession. The price of the properties will vary from INR 42 Lakhs to 84 Lakhs. The floor design ranges from 600 square feet to 2211 square feet in area. Becoming a part of this landmark project will be a great accomplishment for the owners.

Embassy Edge – The Place Where Home is Redefined

embassy edge

Bangalore being the IT hub and falling into the Tier 1 city category has seen an exponential growth in real estate over the last decade due to the advancement of IT revolution. The decision involving the purchase of a home in Bangalore is extremely daunting due to high demands and scarce availability of homes. In response to fulfill such high demand for homes, Embassy Group is coming up with their new project named “Embassy Edge”. The Embassy Group is perceived as a reputed group, which have many successful milestones registered with its name.


Embassy Edge – The Township

The township will be spread over an area of 288 acres of land where there will be more than 800 plots, 3000 flats, and 150 villas. There will be a commercial area also in the township. The project will have 1, 2, 2.5 and 3 BHK flats. The township will have speedy lifts and a dedicated parking space will be provided to its residents.

Embassy Edge Location Advantages

The project will be developed in a way where it will have almost every facility in the township only. As it is going to be constructed close to the airport, the commutation to any other part of the country will be a matter of few minutes only while it will have close proximity to main roadways and bus stand. There will be multispecialty hospitals and premier educational institutes present in the township while surrounding areas are having some of the leading schools and colleges.

Embassy Edge – Amenities and Features

The township will be offering a bunch of Amenities including yoga deck, jogging tracks, cycle tracks, skating rink, open-air gym, swimming pool and dedicated playing area for kids. Clubhouse, BBQ Area, and Amphitheater will be available for entertainment purposes while landscape garden and the man-made lake will offer beauty to the eyes. CCTV cameras and security personnel will be present 24*7 to make keep its members safe and secure

Embassy Edge Structure

The homes will have blockwork structure; the flooring will have vitrified tiles except for the master bedroom which will have wooden flooring. Quality material is used in sanitary and electrical fittings while the kitchen will have granite counter.

Embassy Edge Pricing

The starting price of 1 BHK apartments will be 36 Lacs while 2 BHK, 2.5 BHK, and 3 BHK will be starting at 57 Lacs, 63 Lacs and 72 Lacs respectively. Additional price and configuration related quotations can be availed on request.
Embassy Edge Bangalore is offering homes beyond imagination. It time to step ahead and book yours.